Nowadays, we face different trends and challenges like macroeconomic developments, demographic changes, climate crisis, industrialization, and digitalization. In the world shaped by these trends, we believe that the businesses should be a reforming power for food security and for a better future.

In this context, we have gathered our sustainability efforts under the headings of people, society and environment and set long-term goals so that our main line of business, egg products, is accessible and environmentally friendly. We will achieve the goals we have set with the strength we derive from our business partners and the determination of all our employees.

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Egg was selected as the Star Ingredient by the United Nations in 2021 due to its role in the nutrition of the growing population and being a sustainable protein source.

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Egg has been classified by the World Resource Institute as the most sustainable and accessible protein source.

We brought our environmental and social commitments to the international dimension by signing the United Nations Global Compact in February 2018 and the Women's Enpowerment Principles (WEP) in December 2017.


We have been publishing our sustainability approach and performance in the light of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, regularly every year since 2017, with Sustainability Reports in line with GRI standards.