Egg Shell Powder

Yumurta Kabuğu Tozu Döngüsel ekonomiye katkı sağlamak amacı ile, işlediğimiz yumurtaların kabuklarını ısıl işleme tabi tutarak elde ettiğimiz organik bir üründür.

It is an organic product that obtain by heating and processing of the shells of the eggs we process, in order to contribute to the circular economy.
Egg Shell Powder


Its bioavailability is over 95%.

Its an organic calcium source.

It has rich organic mineral content.

It has a buffering effect.


The shells of the eggs used in the production of pasteurised liquid eggs are transported to the drying unit with the help of a screw.

The transported shells are dried in the drying tunnel with the help of heat.

The egg shell is purified from harmful microorganisms by heating it.

Dried egg shells are sieved and packaged.


Nutritional supplement for dairy cattle, beef cattle and poultry

Protein source in pet foods.

In angling for its excellent tying and durability feature

Organic mineral source for egzotic animals

In agricultural production for soil fertility

In plastic and durable consumer industry as bioplastic