Our Activities

Anahtar Kelimeler: Pastörize Sıvı Yumurta, Pastörize Sıvı Yumurta Bütünü, Pastörize Sıvı Yumurta Akı, Pastörize Sıvı Yumurta Beyazı

ANAKO Pastörize Sıvı Yumurta

Egg is a sustainable protein source with a great potential. We are continuously working to turn this great potential of egg into reliable and delicious products for everyone. In order to guarantee the success of our company both today and in the future, we integrate our sustainability approach throughout the entire value chain, thus ensuring long-term value creation and ensuring the participation of our stakeholders in our success. Our sustainable development strategy focuses on three key topics: People, Society and Environment.

Health & Welfare of People

We are working to bring the potential of the egg accessible to everyone. We continue to improve our operations by assuring the quality of our products and using new technologies.

Development of the Society

We are working for a value chain that has the same ethical values and working principles as us and focuses continuous development. Thus, we contact with many sub-sectors and we provide employment in different segments and support social development.

Environmental Sustainability

Egg is selected as the most accessible and sustainable protein source by the United Nations. In order to minimize the environmental footprint of the egg, we use water and energy efficiently, increase our renewable energy production and strive for zero waste.